How To Get There


The best tourist season is from November to March which is called winter season or the dry season. Summer season time from April to August is very popular among Thailand connoisseurs.


The best way to go from Bangkok's international airport is to travel by car or minibus which will take you right to the doorstep. It takes 4 hours plus 40 minutes by ferry. We have agreements with the company offering the trip for about 5,000 THB.

You can also fly from Bangkok to Trat and then go by car. It's a 1 hour flight, 30 minutes by car and 40 minutes ferrry.

If you are traveling from another location, it is easiest to use a collective minibus. They pick you up at the hotel and leave you at the house. You can order the minibus at the hotel reception or at some shops on the street. The cost is 500-800 THB.

You can also go with a large buses. They go from a few places in Bangkok and from the airport. The journey takes 5-6 timmmar and costs THB 300-400.

Get around the island

You can get around Koh Chang by taxi, car, motorcycle, scooter or bicycle. The roads are steep and curvy. Drive carefully, especially during or right after rain. For single trips, taxis are the best. You sit in the back of taxis and just hail them on the street. Should you make several trips, it pays quickly with car rentals.

Visit Koh Chang, one of Thailands most beautiful islands